We are an India inspired , experience led innovative lifestyle marketing collaboration agency.

Maximus Collabs is gestated out of adoration for acute precision in presenting lifestyle marketing communications for our clientele and partners.  People love us for the innovation and the saas that we bring on board .We love the work we do and we always work towards being the modern partners to our clients who are aiming to transform and grow . The idea of Maximus Collabs is to collaborate with our clients and deliver transformative results that lead to higher visibility and credibility for the brands from across verticals.

To potentially thrive to the fullest, business must evolve and explore continuously… when done well, the results of the same are for all to see and benefit from. With this thought and totally out of a beautiful accident is when Maximus Collabs took its formative steps. 
We majorly are an agency which is like water and would like to blend in with the clients in their quest for innovation and taking the leap forwards with their marketing objectives. We are highly driven by the need and the experience that each brand wants to create amongst its customers. At Maximus Collabs; we are highly driven to exclusively curate brand-solutions for our clients to achieve their marketing objectives.  

Services & Solutions –

Celebrity Association
IP and Events
Influencer Campaign
Brand Management 
Magazine Covers
Brand Endorsements
Experience Marketing
Customer Engagement
Cause Related Marketing 
Digital Marketing


Leading the league

Manisha Singh –

Recognised for her intuitive business acumen Manisha drives her team with a futuristic thinking.  Innovative approach, qualitative work culture and trust-worthy accord with her team and partners are the pillars on which she has laid the foundation of Maximus Collabs.

In the past, she has extensively worked on managing brand communications, developing Individual profiles and experiences for more than a decade. Maximus came very naturally to her where in she could build up more verticals and take a deeper dive. Maximus for her is a beautiful love story which was always destined to happen and with each day the effort is to put some good work on the cards has been her biggest motivation.

Making it worth.

A humble beginning from a cosy studio in Mumbai we’ve drawn inspiration from YOU who trusted us in our firsts and let us spread our horizons. We at Maximus Collabs. ‘Thank You!’ for confiding in us to commit an extensive growth together.

The journey from here is committed to be onward and upward for us with all our clients.